40th Reunion - Friday Night Photos

Photos from the Friday Night "Catch Up" Party
Fabulous weather and great views
greeted old friends at The Homestead

July 26th, 2013

Ed Robinson, Don Anderson ('75), & Bill Brayden

Jeff Sanzolone & Mike Brune

Shelley Ramer, Maureen Shaw, & Charles Nichols

Lynn Walker, Brooks Heard & Judy Alley

Pete Mullineaux & Patty Kiplinger

Robin Schurman, Debbie Miller, Janet Boe & McAlice Anderson

Shelley Ramer, Becky Tinan, Kevin Forey and Renee Hildebrand

DawnWadsworth & Sherry Glynn

Charles Nichols,Kevin Forey, Mike Brune, Karen Yannacito, Ray Makatura

Bob Dugan, Caroline Evans & Deb Stoner

Sharon Frank & Colleen Fightmaster

Renee, Lynn, Steve Turner and wife Linda, & Charles

Sharon Sorensen, Tom McSherry and Tom's wife Lea

Carol Eikleberry & Tom Staatz

Duane Lentz and Rob Evans

Spencer Meister and fiance Susan, Sharon (Sorensen) and Mark Fightmaster

Kirk Hoffman

Syd Pool and Husband Jim York, & Rhonda Urban

Rhonda Urban and Joy Munson & husbands Dave and Bruce

Pat Tinsley and Cary Alburn

Bob Mallow, Kristi (McVey) Mallow, Janie (Hillenburg) Roos and David Roos

Kirk Hoffman, Sharon Sorensen, Barb Junge, Lynn Walker and Brooks Heard

Pete Mullineaux and Bill Brayden

Charles Nichols, Jim Curley, Becky & Mike Brune

Linda & Steve Turner, Renee and Maureen

Sherry Glynn, Karen Yannacito, Dawn Wadsworth, Mike Carpenter & wife Cassandra

Caroline Evans, Tom Lawson and Deb Stoner 

Linda Maich and Beth Rich

Lynn (Bradley) Evans, Bill and Sharon (Sorensen) Fightmaster

Skip Mondragon and Cathy Strange

Deb, Caroline and Maureen

Mike, Lynn, and Steve

Shelley and Beth