30th Reunion - Friday Night Photos

Pictures from the Friday Night "Catch Up" Party

July 25th, 2003

(Apologies in advance: Only maiden names used due to limited space)

Rick Castiglia, Debbie Miller
Lynn Bradley
Debbie Schreck, Patty Cherry, Laraine Campbell
Dave Jump, Carolyn Evans
Holly Corning and Husband
Sharon Sorensen and Brooke Selby
Diane Brunson, Brooks Heard, Rhonda Urban
Dawn Wadsworth, Sharon Sorensen, Sue Struefert
Linda Maich
Linda Shrake, Janet Beeble
Dale Olinger, Mike Brune, Julie Shaffroth, Charles Nicholls
Linda Maich
Lora Mustoe, Lynn Bradley
Lora Mustoe, Becky Tinan, Dale Olinger, Julie Shaffroth, Mike Brune
Jimmie Canale, Carolyn Evans, Laraine Campbell, Nora Canale
Art Dahl, Kirk Hoffman
Linda Shrake, Maureen Shaw, Beth Rich
Debbie Miller, Art Dahl, Dave Easter
Linda and Guitarist
Chuck Griffith, Rick Castiglia, Jeff Sanzolone & Carl Hoover
Diane Brunson, Debbie Miller, Colleen Fightmaster, Carol Tarpley, Laura Brown
Dave Glass, Brooke Selby, Shelley Ramer
Dave Werges & Bill Brayden
Dwain Lentz Mary Ann Quinn, Brooks Heard, Joan Forsberg
Mike Brune, Tom Lawson 
Holly Corning, Shelley Ramer, Brooke Selby, Cynthia Livingston and Joy Munson Dave and Debbie Werges Diane Brunson, Chris Grant and Stuart Braley A GREAT TIME was had by all!!!